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Sweetheart Jar

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An exquisite glass Sweetheart Jar filled with mini handcrafted love hearts. Lovingly made using our own unique wax blend and comes dressed in a navy, satin ribbon bow. 

Approximate filled weight is 422g, the glass jar is 13cm high, 8cm in diameter.  Inside are around 25 hearts, infused with your choice of our wonderful fragrances.

Just place a few hearts into the bowl of your warmer (use only unfragranced tea lights in candle warmers) to release the wonderful fragrance and vapour wisps.

Our rigorous testing has shown that our melts can be re-melted multiple times. The fragrance will become more subtle each time, but still glorious.  Once the fragrance is no longer strong enough for you, refresh your wax. 

This item will be packaged with a great deal of care. 

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