The big & beautiful Hydrangea Bar can be ordered in almost any fragrance we've ever done!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my candle wax warmer?

Your safety matters to us - please read:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Place on a protected surface
  • We recommend a 4 hour tealight for our burners but in the larger, open burners a 6 hour tealight may be required - test carefully first
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets and away from draughts
  • Do not move while lit, cooling or hot
  • Never stack tealights
  • Do not wash your burner - simply wipe clean
  • Replace your warmer as soon as any signs of wear and tear show
  • Never use a cracked warmer 

How do I use the wax melts and Gel wax pots?

Simply add the wax to the "bowl" (be aware of possible overfilling, start with a small amount) and switch on (if electric) or light an appropriately sized tealight under the warmer/burner. Electric warmers take longer to warm up and release fragrance more slowly and gently.  You may see white wisps releasing from the melted wax, be assured this is just vapours and is normal when using quality fragrance oils.  These wisps are not smoke and will not blacken the surrounding area.  Gel wax will give a greater scent release if "flipped" before each melting.  Wax melts do not use a wick and therefore can not produce soot (use a quality tealight to avoid soot).  Use 4 hour tealights only and never stack tealights in your warmer/burner.  This could be dangerous as it may overheat, it will certainly burn off your fragrance oil far too quickly.  

How long does a wax melt last?

This very much depends on the type (electric or tealight) and size of the warmer/burner used.  It also depends on the scent chosen and, how much wax you choose to melt at any one time. Melts last longer in electric warmers/burners compared to tealight ones as electric warmers have no direct flame heat source. Tealight warmers/burners start releasing the melt fragrance faster.  With small warmers/burners the fragrance oil will burn off faster as the flame is closer to the wax bowl.  It's personal choice but, at Waxes and Wicks we prefer a taller warmer/burner for a more gentle release.  As a rough guide we would suggest 14 hours.

Almost all of our scents contain high, mid and base note combinations, meaning you will find that the scent changes as different fragrances are released through the melting process.  When you can no longer smell the fragrance, it is time to change the melt.  

How do I remove the old wax?

We sell wax melt cases to make this job easy.  There are many ways of doing this but our preferred method is to use cotton wool pads to soak up old liquid wax - make sure the tealight is not lit or the wax too hot.  Alternatively, allow the wax to cool and harden then, rewarm the wax slightly (around 20 seconds if using a tealight or a minute if electric) in your warmer/burner then, carefully and gently press on the edge of the wax to pop it out - wipe the warmer clean.  Never use any type of implement, tool or knife to dig out the wax. 

For our Gel wax allow the wax to FULLY cool then gently coax the wax, from the edge of the bowl to remove and replace. 



How do I store my melts?

Our melts come packaged ready for storage in their own recyclable bag, tub or clamshell.  We recommend you store them in a cool dry place away from sunlight and any heat source (radiators etc.)  If properly stored our melts can last over 12 months.   

What are your wax melts made of?

Our wax melts are handcrafted using our own unique wax blend or gel wax, the finest fragrance oils and biodegradable glitters.  We are mindful of the environment and only use reusable and recyclable packaging where possible.

What is the label on the reverse?

This label tells you that our melts are fully CLP compliant, as required by law. They provide allergen information.  Our melts are vegan friendly and completely cruelty free.  

Is my item lost? 

If 10 working days have elapsed since your order was dispatched (UK only)  and your order still has not arrived please check your tracking information one final time for any relevant update.  If no relevant information is available we will send a replacement. Delivered but left parcels - if your parcel has been left by Royal Mail somewhere on your property we will not be liable if the parcel is lost, damaged or stolen.  

Can I amend my order?

You can amend your order up to the point of dispatch. If you haven't received your dispatch email yet, please send an email to to let us know what you would like to change. You can also use the contact us tab on the main menu.

Unfortunately, you cannot amend your order once it has been dispatched.

What if there is something wrong with my order?

We make every effort to ensure you will be delighted with your Waxes and Wicks order but if you are not, please get in touch as soon as possible at or via the contact us tab on the main menu. We will try to resolve any issue as fast and efficiently as we can.

When will products be back in stock?

If a product is showing as out of stock, we will be working very hard to get it back on the website as soon as possible. 

How can I contact you?

We are on hand should you have any questions or queries. Get in touch via email at or via the contact us tab on the main menu.  



How long does delivery take?

We aim to dispatch all orders (except custom orders) within 2-3 working days, we will advise you if this is not possible. All deliveries are sent with Royal Mail (or DPD in some cases.) If you have chosen first class postage please allow 3-4 working days for delivery from the date of your dispatch email.  Please note, we cannot be held responsible for delivery delays once your package has left us. 

Can I track my order?

Not all orders can be tracked as most are sent standard via Royal Mail. Some large orders will be sent with tracking, we will email you tracking information if this is the case.

Who will deliver my order?

All packages are sent with Royal Mail unless special delivery is paid for and confirmed by us.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

We also deliver to Ireland.

Has my order been dispatched yet?

You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been dispatched.